Monthly Archive: August 2016

The Importance of a Manuscript Assessment

Let me guess, you’ve just finished writing your novel after spending the past year pouring your soul into it—writing it, then editing it again, and again, and again. You think it’s perfect, an absolute masterpiece that will be hailed alongside the works of Agatha Christie and J.K. Rowling. There’s nothing left to do now but publish it, right? Wrong. A writer can’t objectively edit their own work because they’re too…
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How to Write a Novel in Five Steps

So, you’ve woken up after dreaming about a dragon who convinces a witch to transform them into a human, and you think wow, what a great idea for a novel. You leap out of bed and dart towards your laptop, eager to put the story forming in your head onto paper. But you need to STOP and take a deep breath because writing without any pre-planning rarely ends well. Writing a…
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Marion Brownlie interviewed on River Radio

Facing Demons author Marion Brownlie is interviewed on River Radio. She talks about her book and what inspired her to write this amazing autobiography. Beating the odds, she was near suicide then turned her life around – she had work to do! It still was not easy, and there were many things she had to sort out, and heal. Her story is one of determination, strength, and courage. She found…
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Lost in Time: Roman Threat/Third Reich Rises

Excerpt 1 I took position on high ground and waited. Now, the time of tense inactivity followed. Hours before the expected arrival of the Romans, all men were in place. It was necessary. After hours of quiet and inaction, nature, startled by the concentration of such noise and activity of people from the last few days, began to recover. Birds’ chirping, looking for food, floated on the autumn air. Curious,…
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