Michelle Roberts

Born and raised on the NSW South Coast in a quiet town known as Albion Park, all my life I have always been told to do my best in everything I do and I have done just that. It has been within the last two years that I have undertaken much self-reflection in what I am truly meant to be doing in my limited time on this planet. I have self-reflected on my own purpose and values and I have gained a greater understanding in what I want from life. I have always had a passion for writing and as such, I had decided to write a book in early 2015.

Now, I am an aspiring author who is on the journey of publishing his first book titled “A Student of the Choir”.

In 2015, I began to write this book as a reminder to myself and to all those who wish to read it that we should not squander what we were truly put on this earth to do. We all have a purpose in this life that we are meant to serve and therefore we are all equal and important to one another. A fundamental aspect I have written about in this book is that as people, we all have a passion for something whether that be music, art, finance, journalism or astrology.
“A Student of The Choir” brings the idea of passion and purpose together in a way that will allow people to live happy and fulfilled lives that are authentic.

The tile of the book stems from the idea that we, as people, will never truly master our own purpose – only God is the master of all things. Thus, we are merely students of life whilst God is the preacher who orchestrates such a melody.

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