Tabita Gutu

My love of writing developed at a young age.  As a school-age teen, I adored the feeling of freedom that writing gifted me and enjoyed the challenge of projects as an opportunity to write more and more. 

At sixteen I started to write my very first book, and to this day, I have kept every page written, even thoughts and feelings were entered into my journal.

I left my home country of Romania when I was nineteen and moved to the UK, starting my own family by the time I was twenty one. As a mother and wife I studied to become a teacher and now teach the Montessori method, helping children learn how to be creative and become confident with themselves .  

One day I hope to return to Romania and open a Montessori Nursery.  There is so much good to do!

Tabita has her own website on which she has reviews, excerpts, and other information.

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