Miriam Sawan

Miriam Sawan is a former television producer, turned media advisor. She has worked for some of Australia’s biggest television networks and recalls her experience as an absolute thrill ride.

When she left the exciting world of television, Miriam began searching for a creative way to make a difference in the world. Having always held the belief that your talents need to be used for good, she put pen to paper and wrote Louboutins, Lattes & Live TV.
With a little help and encouragement from her family, friends and colleagues, Miriam took the time to write a book she hopes will mean something to victims of bullying and in turn, make a difference through the best way she knows how: writing.

She has always been taught by her loving parents to speak up for the broken and to have courage and conviction in everything she does.

She hopes this book does them proud and encourages everyone around the world to believe that when they are being mistreated or undervalued, that they deserve better and she hopes you’ll fight to get it. 

Miriam plans to continue to write for the foreseeable future.


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