Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts | Whispers Among the Prairie

Michelle’s interest and passion for the American West started when she saw the movie Dances with Wolves. It prompted her to read as much as she could on this era and on Native American Indians.

This led her, in time, to travel to some amazing historical sites and national parks in North America, such as the Battle of the Little Bighorn memorial site, the sacred Black Hills in South Dakota, Monument Valley and Yellowstone.

She completed a historical fiction writing course that led her to develop the plot for Whispers among the Prairie and, with perseverance, to write a complete novel – her first.
Outside of writing, Michelle is currently studying veterinary nursing, and will be graduating this year. She loves all animals, but her favourite would have to be the Border Collie, so loyal, smart and a dedicated friend.


Michelle Roberts | Whispers Among the Prairie



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