Jean Lopez

I grew up on a wheat farm in North Western Victoria. Each day I walked three miles to school and three miles home. On my way I told myself stories about fairies, bush sprites, once I rescued a kangaroo from a burning bush and there were lots of ghost stories, too. This, not doubt, is where my adventures in writing began.

My brother was five years younger than me, so I had very few playmates during my childhood.  Having spent so much time alone, I find it is crucial that I have time to myself to think and put my thoughts in order.

I can’t say that I love writing, even like it. There are days when I find it very difficult to get going, but if a day passes without having written anything, I feel very badly about it. Therefore, when I am writing a novel, I must discipline myself. First of all, I turn on the radio, I really must do this even though I become completely unaware of it once I begin to write. I sit at my desk and write for three hours—I write everything in long hand first– and write the whole of the time. It can be morning, afternoon, or late at night in a small room which I call my alcove. Apart from my desk, there are three shelves crammed with books.

My desk is in front of a very large window that looks out onto a tall magnolia tree and an enormous paper bark.
I don’t really know what inspires me, but I know that if I wait for inspiration, nothing will ever get done.
Of course, with the passing of the years, the farm is no longer. I now live in Sydney with my son who is an electrician and a committed environmentalist (me too).

When I get the time I try to keep ahead of the weeds in my garden.

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Visit Jean’s Website. She has a mulititude of information about the Battle of Britain, and Voices from the Past.


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