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To help authors become successful as a published author and to publish with confidence.


Who We Are and What We Do

Aurora House is a POD and eBook publisher. We were founded through a love of books and help new and experienced authors spread their words by publishing their books. Our doors are open to all authors, allowing you to gain confidence in your work and go on to write more books.

We enjoy the challenge of taking your manuscript and turning it into a polished book, one that will give many hours of enjoyment to the reader.

With Aurora, What You See Is What You Get – NO hidden costs, NO ulterior motives, just good old book publishing. These policies are what govern Aurora House and our operating practices.

From the time your manuscript reaches us, it will be treated with integrity and respect, keeping you, the author, fully informed and involved in the processes of publication every step of the way.

We have a wide range of publishing options. Our options include cover design, ebook conversion, POD and eBook publishing, worldwide distribution, professional editing, book promotion and author websites.

Our Print on Demand and eBook publishing is efficient and cost effective. It allows your book to be found worldwide in online bookstores as print or digital versions.

We’ve designed our book publishing to give you, as author, the best possible opportunity for your work to gain a worldwide audience, something before that was only a pipe-dream – Now publishing your book is a reality!



Linda Lycett – Founder of Aurora House

Linda Lycett


Linda’s passion is books. And to blend that love with helping authors to publish their own books is a dream come true. Aurora House is her baby, started from scratch in 2012 and now helping many authors a year to bring their own book to fruition. 





Sarah Vogler – Book Promotions and Marketing Manager 


Sarah has always been obsessed with books, with the power they hold to grab the reader by their shoulders and yank them into another world. Sarah’s love of books led her to study a master’s degree in writing, editing, and publishing at The University of Queensland, where she discovered the ingredients required to transform manuscripts into sparkling gems. 




Ryan Waters – Senior Publisher

Sean Mitchell – Publisher/Editor

Meredith Anderson – Editor/Proofreader

Josie Dietrich – Editor/Proofreader

Debbie Watson – Editor/Proofreader

Mitch Fraser – Editor/Proofreader

Tsarie Duthie – Editor/Proofreader

James Martin – Editor/Proofreader

Marion Thomas – Editor/Proofreader

Anna Black – Editor/Proofreader

Lauren Ficici – Proofreader/Book Promotion

Leonie Briggs – Proofreader

Jieun Lee – Proofreader



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