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Linda Lattin’s Wheels of Mizfortunate

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April 13, 2015

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I was able to write my book with sheer determination, which is common for many writers. Success requires determination.

I was in a serious car accident that left me critically injured and comatose for over four months. When I awoke I had NO memory of my life. I was dazed as anyone would be and my mind was blank. I had to learn how to be a woman again: a living, breathing, 35 year old woman who had three sons, whom I did not remember either! I did not know how to be a Mom. I had to re-learn how to do everything from the basic learning how to breathe, learning how to eat and how to breathe as I ate, everything a person learns from birth, but I was beginning of a new life. The woman I had been was gone and I had to start my life anew.  

After re-learning some basic tasks like learning how to sit up, eat and brush my teeth, I was sent home with a husband whom I did not remember either, accompanied with many “how to” lists for my therapists and myself. I had very little comprehension of life. I had care givers and therapists coming daily during my early recovery, and it was pretty overwhelming. I permanently injured my right hand which was the preferred hand so I had to re-learn to write with left hand. I had to start somewhere! ~grin & wink~

My sense-of-humor seemed to be inherent in me and was one of the things I did not need to re-learn.   I was able to let everyone know that I was joking or being silly by writing an emotion such as humor with a parenthesized quote: ~ smile & wink~, etc. I began keeping a Journal: that served as my memory. Keeping a journal was my psychological salvation. Using an electric typewriter I was able to document everything I needed to remember and wrote schedules and lists with great detail. I kept a personal journal also which became my best friend and my counselor. I wrote about feelings and emotions such as ~sigh~, ~smile & wink~, etc. It was therapeutic to me because as I wrote; I “heard what I was saying” like a cause and an effect. I was literally creating my destiny by the choices I was making and the lifestyle that I chose to develop.

Throughout my recovery I was amazed about my survival and my ability to re-learn. I was determined to document my unusual success by writing a book about it. I sincerely hope that it will encourage other survivors and their families to never give up on a brain injured person, which many people and families do. Brain Injury has become the number one injury people survive in the United States of America. I want to let people know “anything is possible” if you make some realistic choices and believe in yourself or your loved one.

You can read more about Linda in her book Wheels of Mizfortunate. It is available  in Paperback and eBook from

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