When the Animals Vanished

The unthinkable has happened.

All the animals around the world have mysteriously vanished in a single day. From beloved family pets to livestock, fish in the sea to birds in the trees.

The scientists are baffled. The food industry is in chaos. Stock markets are plunging daily, economies collapsing and mass unemployment rising. The threat of a devastating famine is looming on the horizon and Justine Thyme, leader of the Western Global Government, is fast running out of answers.

Only maverick businessman, Stanley Smart, believes he has the solution. The trouble is, he knows his stroke of genius challenges the greatest taboo in the humanity rule book. But can Stanley convince the government, and even the church, to accept the unacceptable?
And what will it take to bring his unpalatable idea to life? To not only get the public to swallow it, but to keep them coming back for more.

Douglas Faudet’s debut novel serves up a veritable feast of satire, delivered with bone-chilling dry wit, and lashings of black humour. A biting commentary on the world’s dependence on meat that will leave you questioning every pork chop you pop in your mouth.

When the Animals Vanished presents the reader with moral dilemmas at every turn of the page. It’s a story like no other. Highly controversial, politically incorrect, and not for the squeamish. And whether you love it or hate it, one thing is for certain…

…you’ll never forget it.


Douglas Faudet

Douglas retired from an international business career three years ago. Now in his seventies he continues to consult to various businesses through his company, Douglas Faudet Unlimited. He lives in Western Australia on a 40-acre property nestled in the Swan Valley, a popular destination with many vineyards, restaurants, unique tourist offerings and places of spectacular beauty.

He and his wife, Brenda share their home with their dogs, Ollie and Ivy, cats, Mary and Teddi, plus their sheep and alpacas.

Born in the UK, Douglas emigrated to Western Australia in 1974, with Brenda and his two children Michael and Genevieve. He lived there for six years before moving to Melbourne, Victoria to pursue a career in advertising. In 1986 he moved countries to Auckland New Zealand where he was appointed the CEO for the global advertising agency, DDB. He spent many happy years in New Zealand developing one of New Zealand’s leading communication groups.

In 2001, DDB offered the opportunity to expand his career into the Asia Pacific region as the Asia Pacific Vice Chairman. He remained in the region until his retirement operating in various management leadership positions culminating as COO, DDB Asia, overseeing twenty operating agencies across the Asia region, with a staff of 2,000 people. Whilst in Asia he lived in Japan, Hong Kong and China.

The Day the Animals Vanished is Douglas’ first novel, a two-year labour of intensity, created from an unusual idea that he had when visiting an animal livestock processing plant attached to an abattoir.

His fiercest critics and advisors have been his wife Brenda, who spent many a long day reviewing the book, his son Michael Faudet and partner Lang Leav, both accomplished authors, who gave him sound advice and insights. Most of all they provided much needed encouragement, along the way.