Tin Baths, Tallymen & Time Travel

Travel back in time – to when the new world started…

1960 and 1970 – the time of skirts going up and music hitting the streets.

The early post-war decades brought forth revolutionary change to the United Kingdom enabling those of the “baby boomer” generation, (including myself), a ringside seat in experiencing the dramatic evolvement of Great Britain after finally having shed the shackles of fear, destruction and devastation.
Since the ending of World War II the United Kingdom has continued to expand and achieve and Marianne endeavours to capture the national spirit and determination of the citizens of post-war Britain playing  their part in such dramatic and progressive change from class structure, community, family life, youth, and women’s liberalisation to education, employment, the arts, and much more.

She was fortunate to enjoy a naïve and carefree childhood in a small semi-detached cottage situated in a leafy green Surrey lane and describe my family way of life in post-war Britain, sharing the joys and hardships, where community spirit and a resolute determination for a joyful and happier way of life after so much austerity and gloom were of the essence.

Her colourful and intuitive late maternal grandmother “Amelia” comes alive throughout this book sharing her two greatest lifetime passions, that of the horseracing world and the paranormal, with much psychic phenomena spoken of, including the witnessing of several unexplainable strange occurrences after my family’s move to another home which in fact, inspired the writing of Marianne’s previous book: “The Extraordinary Spirit Sightings & Encounters Of An Ordinary Surrey Lady”.

Memorable personal and national events are highlighted in her book such as Queen Elizabeth II’s 1953 Coronation, the television age, the impact of the first man to experience outer space, Yuri Gagarin, in the “Vostok 1” spacecraft, and the first initial moon orbit by an unmanned Soviet spacecraft in 1966, and man’s first historic walk on the moon in 1969 when Neil Armstrong and “Buzz’’ Aldrin stepped down from their spacecraft onto the moon’s fine powdered layer in searing heat:  Also, the present day space race and its futuristic plans are spoken of.
Marianne mentions the rapid expansion and modernization of my home village in Surrey with the emergence of sprawling housing estates on once green farm land, and the abolition of pretty country lanes, making way for concrete dual carriageways, all considered necessary in the name of “progressive urbanisation”.

The unforgettable 1950’s and phenomenal 1960’s are embraced from a personal viewpoint, including their annual celebrations, especially that of Christmas-time of yester-year and the true meaning of Christmas, not only for her own family, but also throughout the entire local neighbourhood  including two magical local Yuletide instances which depicted to me the magic and simplicity of the Christmas message.  She also recollects personal memories of the 1970’s decade.

The passing of each era and its dramatic affects upon everyone are described, especially that of the business world and its gradual transformation in clothing apparel, equal opportunities for women, (with the arrival of the contraceptive pill), and the introduction of the “house husband”.  “Living in sin” comes to the fore and the difficulties for the older generation, and also many others in accepting such a revolutionary way of life.

She talks about her working London life during the 1960’s, especially whilst being employed at the vast “Mecca” entertainment organisation under the umbrella of the famous Mr Eric Morley, who was especially well-known for the phenomena of the “Miss World Contest”.

The vibrating explosion of the 1950’s and 1960’s British and American music scene is described, and the unforgettable fashionable meeting places such as “The Lyceum”, Streatham Locarno, Hammersmith and Wimbledon “Palais De Dance”, 1960’s Carnaby Street and also the famous “Biba” boutique, being the “in”  places for well-known faces of the day from rock musicians, models and all manner of celebrity, and the infamous “Eel Pie Island” in Twickenham is spoken of in depth, where many traditional jazz and rhythm & blues bands played.

The psychic side of Marianne’s family is detailed and my own lifetime involvement, which became her greatest passion and she would like to share with you some of my extraordinary and astonishing spiritual sightings and encounters with those from another energy dimension close to our Earth plane.

Tin Baths, Tallymen & Time Travel will hold you emersed from beginning to end.

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