The Wolf Queen of Japan

Harrison Ware

Sapporo, Japan
YEAR unknown

Felicity is a predator. Born into bloodshed, raised with wolves, she lives only for the hunt.

When Imperial forces invade her sanctuary and shatter the winter silence with the screams of countless victims, Felicity catches scent of a bigger game. A game of vengeance, love and death. To follow this path, she must put her life in the hands of five strangers. Easier said than done, for a wolfchild.

For Felicity, caught between the two worlds of man and beast, a single question repeats itself. 

What makes you human?




Harrison Ware


My name is Harrison Ware and I am currently 23 years of age.

Harrison Ware

Harrison Ware

I’ve always interested in mountain biking from an early age at both a casual and professional level, and have always been driven to pursue my goals.

One of these goals has been the publication of a long novel in the fiction genre. Reading Matthew Reilly and his books, which I love, inspired me to write in a similar fast paced style and achieve my dream of publishing at an early age. I always have liked a sense of action, characters that are relatable and with gritty, realistic elements. These were presents in his novels and something I wanted to ingrain into my own.

Polishing my skills, this is my first novel to be released and one that I am immensely proud of. You can be guaranteed of unexpected twists.