The Idealist

by Jean Lopez


José Antonio Primo de Rivera is the young leader of a fascist political party. An idealist, he plans to install a fascist government that will bring social justice to the long oppressed Spanish people.

Set in the years from l933 to 1939, the last three years being those in which the Spanish Civil War was fought he was often the target of leftist gunmen and also faced intrigue and betrayal from his own side of politics. Dashing and brilliant, he charmed friend and foe alike, nevertheless he met with a tragic end.

How different Spain might have been if he had lived?

The Idealist is an engrossing historical fiction novel based on fact. The twists and turns of Jose Primo de Rivera and his Flanage organisation at the time of Spanish uprisings deliver right to the very end.

Jean has researched the events faithfully and covered them successfully in her book.


A Read Free Chapter 



Jean Lopez’s historical novel is so compelling that I read it in one sitting. Based on historical fact, it tells the fascinating story of a young, idealistic lawyer, José Antonio, who became a fascist political leader at a tumultuous moment in Spanish history: the Civil War. It cleverly explores the relationship between personal charm and authoritarianism. His character is by far the most enthralling and best written in the book; I was less invested in the invented people. Lively dialogue and a constant sense of purpose and deep emotion kept me interested until the end. Short chapters allow the violence and drama to build at credible pace… Read more…

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