Wife for Sale!

If you could have a second chance would you make the most of it?

As soon as life offered him a second chance Michael took it, without thinking twice. True it cost him £4m but hey…everything has a price nowadays. And that brought him the family he dreamt about, a wife, a daughter and a son.

Mary was going through a hard time in her married life, struggling with day-to-day events, and when a man appeared from nowhere and offered the deal of a lifetime to her John, she was shocked to find out that for her husband, she has a price.

Will she find the power to forgive and forget?

Will she find the power to trust and love again?


It doesn’t often happen that life offers you a second chance. Wife for Sale! is a novel about life offering a second chance and also the means to take that chance and turn it into reality.

This is a novel about relationships, marriage and love, about how well we know the person next to us and the one we trust the most. It shows how to overcome betrayal and guilt and also that keeping secrets leads to hurting the ones we love, and ultimately destroy ourselves.

Wife for Sale! is about discovering ourselves after being abandoned, lied to and hurt and teaches how to find the power to forgive and forget so we can move on.

Most of all it shows that most of the time we look for happiness in the wrong place and within the wrong person and teaches how to appreciate the person next to us and love them as they are, with their qualities and defects.

And never forget to discover ourselves in everything we do and through everything life offers to us.


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