Mumma to Be

by Amanda Starling

“Mumma to be” is delivered in a humorous and down to earth approach that all women can relate to and feel a sense of ease.

The endless physical and mental change pregnancy presents itself with is tough on the mind and body. When enduring such a journey,  a book every mum-to-be can relate to would be a constant companion. Women who want to read about real experiences and capture true events that can take place during pregnancy will benefit from the book.

Every pregnancy is different, every childbirth different and no newborn baby is the same. Mumma to Be poses endless informative and enjoyable topics and many will find comfort in my own experiences, comparing them to their own. My advice and tips are encouraging, putting a real perspective on this fascinating journey we call pregnancy, allowing first time mums to feel relaxed and comforted.

There are many humorous happenings throughout the book, and mums to be who want peace of mind and a giggle will thoroughly enjoy reading about a real-life pregnancy complete with its ups and downs.




Amanda has such a unique writing style that enables the reader to remain engaged through her honest and at times quite literal approach. Whilst reading, not only was I being educated about the joys of pregnancy and motherhood, but I found myself being empowered as a woman to be able to experience the marvel of carrying a miracle. My fears began to dissipate. This is a brilliant read for any woman, regardless of what stage in life you are. Amanda shares the truth about what “really” happens in pregnancy- exposing things that even your mum wouldn’t tell you. I found this book incredibly easy to read and couldn’t stop laughing. Ladies- make sure your legs are crossed because you are in for a hilarious ride.

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Review Rating:
4 stars.
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Mumma to Be: Keeping Pregnancy Real by Amanda Starling is a book for all
expectant mothers who are going through myriad emotions during their
pregnancy. It’s a brilliant and well-written book that will give all
expectant mothers an idea on what to expect during pregnancy, touching on
minute details that you won’t know otherwise. The book also encourages
readers to embrace their pregnancy, and makes them feel good. Reading this
book will help make the pregnancy journey awesome and amazing. The book
covers the truth about pregnancy, childbirth, and the first three months of
a new little life.

I found the book useful to all expectant mothers at whichever stage of
pregnancy they are in. The tips given by the author are very useful and will
give readers an idea of what to expect as their pregnancy progresses. It
prepares all those readers who are planning to get pregnant and start a
family life. The mood swings, hormonal changes, their changing bodies, and
waiting for the new baby are all covered here. The entire process from the
time of conception till the baby is born and the search for a suitable name;
everything is discussed.

The author makes pregnancy enjoyable and this book is helpful in making
many expectant mothers look at this phase with a good feeling. There are
also handy tips that mothers will find useful in the first three months of
their baby’s life. A must-read for all expectant mothers.




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