Lost in Time – Roman Threat/Third Reich Rises

Deep in the past, Peter Bresovsky got lost in time. From the 20th century he landed in the middle of plots and intrigues of the expanding Roman empire. He befriends Greek merchant Orneus and the Germanic warriors of Quadi. Together they find a way to cause open conflict with the Roman legions to try and stop the expansion.

While Peter is lost in time, Nazi fanatic Eduard Beck manipulates his trial to stay out of prison. He has scores to settle. He knows the Time Gate exists and will stop at nothing to find it and go back in time to join Hitler to establish a Third Reich world, destroying anyone or anything that gets in his way.
Peter is sent back to the future to stop Beck, who found the Time Gate and created an alternate reality where Germany won the war and the Third Reich rules a large part of the world.

This gripping novel comes to a head when Peter’s arrival starts a chain of events that culminate in rebellion to bring down the Third Reich.

Lost in Time – Roman Threat/Third Reich Rises is Book 2 in a three book series. Book 1 – Lost in Time: Circles of Time/Warriors of the Swastika – is currently being translated into English.  Book 3 – Lost in Time: Origin of Mankind will follow behind book 2.

All books are action packed and abound with adventure! 



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