Forgiveness – Maxine Sommers

Macky’s unfolding life brought insecurity and inner turbulence. Disturbing thoughts overshadowed her strong intuitive self, heightened during four decades of debilitating painful cyclic migraines.

      She is now coming full circle and gaining insight into how words and actions, both spoken and unspoken, have overloaded her sensitive body.

      Fortunate to have always felt safe in life, this path is returning her to spirit, turning mind-created chaos into an innately instinctual journey of discovery.

      Into her fifth year of choosing to make home a little house on wheels living on the road, Macky’s inner turmoil is dissolving, uncovering abandoned faith, returning her to peace. Spiritual healing has taken place as a natural course of her continued trust and belief.

      Conscious forgiveness, goodwill, beginning with herself is replacing ill-will. It was necessary to first understand her human condition before being able to fully accept herself, the GOOD and BAD. 

The broadness of the FINE LINE in life may mean one understands much, or very little, who can say, for what one thinks they understand is not a measure of what is true.

      From guilt and blame to our natural state of peace, this is Macky’s autobiography, Forgiveness…a Leap of Faith.



Forgiveness…a leap of faith by Maxine Sommers, is an incredible book to read. It was different for me, because I normally don’t read biography. Why? I am very emotional and cry and laugh with a book I am reading and I am thinking about it a lot, particular bios, and that book touched me. I always be amazed, how people can open up themselves and write their story.

For a better life, she thought it would be for her, Maxine bought a camper van to live in and live her life as she wanted it to be, stopping wherever she wanted. She carried a lot of baggage with her and wanted to get rid of it to have a better life. She also had to learn to forgive. She explains every state of her life as she got her twin sons and enjoying them with all the challenges it brings to be a mum and wife.

I like what she wrote in chapter 19: I quote: “Everyone is busy stepping one foot in front of the other, working and battling with their own daily struggles and challenges.”
I also love chapter 44 and, I quote: “Life quite simply keeps me amazed and enthralled, exited each day when I wake up. It seems so simple, by comparison, although not necessarily easier.
And in her last words: ‘God is never early and He’s never late. He’s always right on time and His plans for you are good.”

A story of dealing of forgiveness, believe in oneself, friendship, anxiety issues, love and support, understanding life.

I have to give it 5 stars

Gigi Sedlmayer

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Maxine Sommers

Maxine Sommers

More about Maxine can be found on her Author Page






Forgiveness is available in Paperback and eBook.



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