Fairy Folk and Other Strange Little Creatures

The Fairy Folk and other little creatures have got together and decided to tell you about their adventures. They are excited about being able to share their stories with you and looking forward to being a part of your bedtime, or any time, storytelling.  

Find yourself a comfortable spot, curl up, and enjoy your Fairy Folk adventures.

Short bedtime stories with pictures for toddlers filled with fairies, elves and pixies.




Wow, what a delightful book! The illustrations are so vivid and the stories just a good length for parents or older siblings to read to younger ones. The fairy characters are sweet.
My grandchildren are 13,  11,  9  and 6. The only boy is the nine and never sits still for a story, but the older girls would certainly read this to the six yr old.
I think you’ve targeted the right age group with your stories.

Joan Mellahn
Swan Hill






The Fairy Folk books are a joint effort with Helen and Linda co-authoring. Helen creates the illustrations and stories and Linda sets up the layout and does the publishing


Helen Porteous











Helen Porteous lives in the Mallee region of Northern Victoria and has always been interested in reading, writing, drawing and having adventures of the magical kind. Many thanks to the Mallee Artists Swan Hill for supporting the fun side of creating cute and curious creatures. Other published books are Sandy the Flipper Dragon – RoseDog Books, and MARA -Balboa Press.



Linda Lycett












Linda is enjoying her new role of children’s books author co-authoring with Helen on a series of books, starting with Fairy Folk and Other Strange Little Creatures.

Linda is founder of Aurora House and thoroughly enjoys working with other authors as well as being creative on the authoring side as well. She lives near Sydney, NSW, and loves reading, her crafts of spinning and designing. Her love of books has brought her to helping other authors publish their books, and through this to co-authoring the Little Leaf Books with Helen.


For lots more info on their books and other bits and pieces, pop over to their website Little Leaf Books