Because I Can


Because I Can is a series of positive affirmations that can serve as a way forward for anyone who feels, as Alana once did, shattered, tested, threatened and alone.

You may find solace and guidance in one or in many of the selections that follow, but rest assured each affirmation comes from the heart of a woman who understands the hardship of personal struggle, knows the strength of mind, body and spirit needed to rise above it, and best of all, feels the empowerment that comes with resilience, recovery and controlling one’s own destiny.

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“A very inspiring book full of lovely quotes,a delight to read when feeling down.”    Lesley Caslick   Tamworth  N,S.W

Because I Can by Alana Fitzgerald gave me inspiration to do anything. Being positive and radiant is the key to be more productive and a happier person in my future. Because I Can I will too. Read a page every day…its inspirational.
 Mary Ryan ..Tamworth  N.S.W

An inspirational read and great way to start your day. I look forward to starting my day the Alana way. Because I can  is an inspirational way to start each day…
Dr. Stephen Bignell BHB MBChB FANZCA


Alana Fitzgerald

Alana Fitzgerald



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