A Student of the Choir

The sole purpose of this book is to help us become the best version of ourselves that we are totally capable of being. It is about following our passions, goals and dreams in order to create a life that we want and deserve. This book aims to help us understand ourselves and become the person we truly want to be throughout life’s journey. Most people will follow and do what they think they should be doing in life because it’s what is expected, or because it’s the social norm.

Rarely nowadays do we ever stop to consider our passions, life purpose or what we actually want to do with our lives. Many of us do something just because we think it’s something we should be doing, when in reality it’s something that we don’t want to do. Often because of this, many people will live unhappy and unfulfilled lives and never know or achieve what they truly want.

Therefore, this book aims to stray from those expectations and offer a different direction and path in life. This path is all about following our own goals, passions and ambitions and making them a reality whilst becoming the best man or women we can be in the process. It is the path of personal authenticity and self-fulfilment.

“A Student of Choir” is a book about us as individuals being pupils of life whilst the Creator is the preacher. In this way, the choir is a metaphor for life where we are merely students of such a wonderful gift and we shall never be more than that. Only the preacher is the master of the orchestration. Therefore we will never master anything, but it is through this revelation that we will continually grow and learn as individuals. If we are not masters of anything, there is still more to learn.

Thus, this book is based on the premise that we can do no more than our best in this life. We will stumble and we will fall but if we focus on our mission and purpose, we will continue to grow upward. We constantly grow by being authentic in who we are and pursue and achieve what we were put on this earth to do.

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