We Found an Answer – to World Peace

The world cannot continue on its current destructive course. Things have to change or there will be no world left for future generations. Over our life time and many years of research, we have documented possible solutions to the age-old problem – how to stop war and create peace. The topics included are:

The overcoming and conquering of violence
How to create lasting peace
The evolution of human nature
The main values in life
The hidden mystery of life
The conquering of evil
Why our laws exist
Why we would be better off without a monetary system
Global international values curriculum
Our one and only enemy

If we all work towards these suggestions, World Peace can happen.


James Hearn is a ninety-four year old World War II veteran who lost a close friend during the war and said to himself, ‘Man is not stupid, there has to be an answer to war’.

He wrote World Peace in the hope that it will encourage others to look at what is happening to our planet, how it is being suffocated, and how we can set about making changes to help it recover by changing how we think and how we do things.

An earlier book on the same subject titled, ‘The Hidden Mysteries How to Live’, by Glenys Rochford and James Hearn, was published by 

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