The Forgotten – Metal and Bone

Humanity is built on blood, not feathers.

“In the beginning there was darkness,
and it is in this darkness
that we will one day return.
Some will find that they thrive
in the rawest of shadows,
whilst others will merely learn
to survive in the harshest.”

In the wasteland, her poem was nameless. Underground, a man she never understood called it Salvation.

The world has ended, but in a bitter twist of fate humanity limps on in ways one could never expect.

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Bailey Vaughan

Bailey was born in the city of Ipswich, Australia in 1997. Since then, his imagination has endured, and to this day it stands as a cornerstone to his identity; as does being a twin.

This imaginative nature evolved into a passion for literary pursuit and was given direction in 2011 when a vivid dream revealed the ashen wasteland of The Forgotten Metal and Bone. Though the story may have evolved over time, the initial imagery and tone has always remained, as did the name Allen. This character was named for the grandfather who would never be able to read the story but is remembered always in its pages.

The world is not black or white, and there are no heroes or villains. There is only the grey between. This sentiment is shown through the universal pressures of grief and pain the characters are faced with, and their will to fight such demons.

Bailey attributes most of his writing ability, though, to his friends and family who have supported him through the years, strongly believing that those you trust ultimately shape who you become.