Rainbow People

We live in a world of individual differences. Yet when you take a closer look at anyone at all, you find that, essentially, we are all the same. This book tells you why that is.

The author shares with you the informative and entertaining stories of her life work journey with disabled people. She relates how her path was ‘intercepted’ by a special group of individuals early in her career and how that experience led to a change in her direction.

Her messages will not only uplift and inspire you as a support worker or carer, you will feel a sense of pride to take on those roles. The disabled Barbara met along her path will ‘show and tell’ you how to focus on their abilities – often without saying a word. Yet with their collective ‘voice’, they can teach you more about yourself as well.

For those of you who feel ignorant of what it means to be Intellectually Disable, then you will be pleasantly surprised when you meet many of them in this thought provoking and joyful book. Each individual invites you to join them through their own stories with a promise to gladden your heart and put a smile on your face.


Barbara Woodward

We are all on a journey of self- discovery and no matter what your circumstance in life, know that you matter. I have shared some of my own journey through my writings and I hope those endeavours help you focus on your personal abilities and achievements by choosing your thoughts carefully. I refer to this process as choosing a ‘change of heart’ as our emotions form the basis of most of our thinking.

My overriding philosophy of life is that when we are open to new perspectives, we can discover how any ‘setbacks’, ‘disappointments’, ‘mistakes’, or feelings of ‘failings’, can be viewed as valuable learning opportunities that can pave the way for future success; seeing things in a different light.

Our usual learned habits when faced with stressful situations is to act according to conditioned and instinctive reactions that so often can lead to a cycle of mental, emotional and physical disharmony. My quest through my writings is to inspire you to think differently about how your perceive events in your life. But also, I hope to share some fun with you through my stories, and the people contained in the pages of my books as they share with you how they overcame their difficulties and found joy in their lives.

My early years as one of five children to hard working migrant parents from war-torn Europe, taught me how to take responsibility for myself. I learned how to appreciate small or simple pleasures and to take nothing for granted. I feel sure I was guided by love and I instinctively knew there is far more to our existence than what we see before us. Throughout history there are many examples of how prominent philosophers understand how we are all connected by a universal consciousness that is powered by love and they teach us how we can tap into that universal ‘grid’ for our benefit.

(I do have some wonderful quotes by prominent individuals about this specific topic in my book)

There are many places and individuals that can inspire us to see much of your world as wonderful and beautiful, by sharing their own stories and experiences. My book Rainbow People, offers you a way of viewing disability positively so please do take the opportunity to take a peek at it. Also if you visit the Gallery, you will get to meet some of the people who consider themselves as ordinary folk but who found strength to move forward and value their abilities.

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