A Birthday Present from Another Dimension

Brad awoke with a start – to find his toy robot Zorrac standing on his chest and shining a green scanning light directly into his eyes. He had no idea at the time that Zorrac is desperately trying to save his home planet from destruction.

Then Brad’s mother contracts a mysterious virus and is hospitalized. In return for a cure, Brad and his friend James offer to help ‘General Zorrac’ return to his own world Penta to fight ‘The Darkness’, an alien world of flying vampire koalas, zombie birds, werewolf monkeys.

Brad and James are unwittingly swept off into an adventure to worlds unknown by Brad’s mysterious birthday present from another dimension. They must leave all they know behind, their parents, friends and home to save a ‘toy’ from becoming evil.

Will Brad and James be able to save Penta and get the promised cure for his mother?

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Brad Simons

Hi, my name is Brad Simons. I am a sci-fi fan and love a good sci-fi book or movie. Well, more movies than books. My favourite movie is The Matrix, my favourite book is Ender’s Game, and my new favourite book is now A Birthday Present from Another Dimension.

I am Australian but at the time of writing and publishing this book I am living in China and teaching English to primary school children, although I am moving back to Australia in 2018. 

Good reading and happy trails.