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Rosealie Fayad

Rosealie Fayad

Rosealie Fayad“It takes a very strong woman to remain gentle!”

Rosalie Fayad (aka Lady R.F) was born in Sydney, Australia, in the mid-70s, growing up in a very family-orientated, busy, Italian household, where family gatherings and celebrations were a regular occurrence. She is the youngest of two children — she has an older brother, Armando, who is not just a brother, but her best and most trusted friend.

Her father, Joseph Scerri (Italian), was born in Alexandria, Egypt, moving to Ethiopia (Abyssinia — Addis Ababa) as a newborn, where he was raised until immigrating to Sydney at twelve years of age.

Her mother, Gina (Flammia) Scerri, was born in Frigento, Avellino, Italy. She immigrated to Australia at four years of age.

Rosalie was nurtured in a very warm and friendly Catholic/Italian/Australian cultured household, where the door was always open to everybody, and there was always a place on the dinner table for family and friends.

She is grateful for the experiences and relationships she made whilst attending St Mary’s Star of the Sea High School, from which she has many fond memories. Rosalie made friendships that have lasted until this day. Special mention to Mary Morrissey — her teacher, mentor, and precious friend, and also to Katie Cox — a very kind forever friend and inspiration.

Rosalie met her now husband of twenty years — her longtime love, Imad Fayad, in her early twenties. Together, they have built a family that is supportive, joyful and surrounded by love. Their five precious daughters (including identical twins) are a reflection of two beautiful worlds colliding — Islam and Christianity coming together, welcoming diversity into their humble, loving home.

Everything that Rosalie gained from her upbringing has made way for a very humble, loving, compassionate, empathetic outlook on life — one that she feels very blessed to be living.

Rosalie has been writing since she learnt the alphabet and phonics — keeping her first journal at the very young and tender age of six, and continuing to do so to this present day. Writing has always been the only way she was able to express herself with any clarity. Poetry, to Rosalie, amazingly, is mused instinctively: never forced, thought-out, or planned — never taught or learnt. Her writing has a therapeutic purpose, acting as her comfort and security blanket. Her parents always acknowledged and supported this gift.

Her journal entries were always written in poetic form — freestyle. Metaphors and rhymes were her soul’s fluent language. Poetry has always been the method that her soul voices itself with — a gift that was given to her upon her creation. She never looked for poetry, it was always there. Rosalie writes openly and honestly, and very rarely changes a single word that flows through her ink and onto her paper. All of her writing is spontaneously created — naturally, instinctively derived.

She has suffered with Anxiety since her very first memory; however, she went undiagnosed until her late teens, when she was also diagnosed with PTSD.

Rosalie, an absolute lover of words, who loves sharing. She is a most empathetic woman. She sees and understands the world in metaphors — she then paints you pictures of her world using words…beautiful, beautiful words!

She is most thankful to God for his blessings. She is a true lover of nature, solitude, and life!Latest Books

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