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Lachlan Hughson

Lachlan Hughson

Lachlan HughsonLachlan Hughson, the son of a mining engineer and teacher, was born in Broken Hill. Growing up in remote mining and cattle towns across the continent, Lachlan connected with the Australian bush at a young age. It was the experiences and insights gained from his childhood walkabout, in conjunction with an unexpected career interruption 20 years later, which inspired the writing of his first book: Walkabout to Wisdom.

Following his experience in the mining industry, combined with university holidays spent working on several Central Queensland cattle stations, Lachlan’s fascination with corporate finance manifested as a natural resources investment banking career in Sydney and New York. It was from New York, following his ‘liberation’ after the September 11, 2001 attacks, he returned to Australia to relearn the life wisdom he had unwittingly lost to the demands and dis-ease of the modern world.

While his most important life lessons have come from the natural world, Lachlan is equally at ease in the investment banking and business worlds. He holds a Master of Business degree from the University of Technology Sydney, a Master of Business Administration degree from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and a Master of Science degree (with Distinction) from Imperial College London. He is both an Australian and British citizen.

Lachlan’s desire to give the natural world a voice, in this time of profound cultural, technological, and environmental change, was the catalyst for putting his career on hold in 2018 to publish this book following its slow evolution in the 15 years since completing his journey. He remains on walkabout, personally and professionally, seeking other paths to connect with Nature’s teaching and wisdom.Latest Books

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