Lachlan Hughson

Lachlan Hughson | Walkabout to Wisdom

Lachlan Hughson, the son of a mining engineer and school teacher, was born in Broken Hill and spent his childhood moving from one mining town to another across the vastness of the Australian continent. It was the experiences and philosophy gleaned from his childhood walkabout, and an unexpected career change twenty years later, which facilitated the writing of his first book Walkabout to Wisdom. Growing up in remote mining towns…
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Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Lannah Sawers-Diggins was born in 1955 in Adelaide, capital of South Australia. She enjoyed a wonderful and unique childhood on the family sheep station in the north eastern pastoral district of that state. Her primary education was provided by correspondence school and School of the Air. At 11 years of age she followed her three older brothers to boarding school in Adelaide. Life at school in those days was completely…
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Isaac Oosterloo

Isaac is a traveller and adventurer. He loves to explore new places and revels in the fact that he is self-sufficient on his outback journies. From the east coast of Australia to the west coast, he brings camaraderie and entertainment to all who encounter him. Currently living on the west coast of Australia, Isaac’s next motorbike adventure cannot be too far away.           To read more…
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