Keaton Edwards

Born and raised on the NSW South Coast in a quiet town known as Albion Park, all my life I have always been told to do my best in everything I do and I have done just that. It has been within the last two years that I have undertaken much self-reflection in what I am truly meant to be doing in my limited time on this planet. I have…
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Alana Fitzgerald

Alana was born and bred in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia. She spent a lot of time alone on the farm where she was brought up but loved riding and also found she had a love of all animals. At seventeen, Alana left Tamworth to find her way in the world, taking on a variety of jobs, included photographic modelling, painter (as in house painting), a truck driver, and tv…
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Marion Brownlie

Marion grew up in New Zealand and began her life experiences with a difficult childhood, marred by dyslexia and an even more difficult marriage, which nearly drove her to suicide. During this time, she had a life-changing spiritual experience. The experience was the catalyst in rebuilding her life and the way she viewed life and the world around her. She also discovered she had the ability to heal people. Through…
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