David Morris

A professional writer his whole life, David Morris learned that teenhood friend Brett Lee was speaking at his son’s school about his online police detective work.  David made contact and as they met for the first time in 30 years, Brett confided he was at a loss where to start writing his story. Synergies were recognised between the two Ipswich boys and Screen Resolution – A Detective Enters the Predator’s Lair unfolded. David is as…
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Brett Lee

A former undercover internet detective and police officer of twenty-two years, Brett is passionate about informing parents of the online risks to their children. Brett came face to face with computer predators and learnt their ploys while pretending to be a young person online. In these cyber playgrounds of the world’s teenagers and children, he found predators preying on the vulnerable. Invariably, their targets were children and young people without…
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Michael Robertson

David and I were born on Wednesday the 25th of June 1975, at Gosford Hospital in New South Wales Australia. Unfortunately, we were born to Kristine and Karl Robertson, who were both aged 25 years at the time, and they owned a small second-hand book and record store in Gosford. Kristine and Karl already had a daughter named Klara who was born only just over 11 months prior. 

Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Lannah Sawers-Diggins was born in 1955 in Adelaide, capital of South Australia. She enjoyed a wonderful and unique childhood on the family sheep station in the north eastern pastoral district of that state. Her primary education was provided by correspondence school and School of the Air. At 11 years of age she followed her three older brothers to boarding school in Adelaide. Life at school in those days was completely…
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Harald Osel

Harald A. Osel has been employed with the integrated oil company OMV since 1991 and has worked for OMV as a member of the Branch Management in various countries including: Russia, Libya, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Austria, Pakistan, Tunisia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Vienna and post graduate diplomas in Natural Gas Management (issued by CPES…
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Alana Fitzgerald

Alana was born and bred in Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia. She spent a lot of time alone on the farm where she was brought up but loved riding and also found she had a love of all animals. At seventeen, Alana left Tamworth to find her way in the world, taking on a variety of jobs, included photographic modelling, painter (as in house painting), a truck driver, and tv…
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Albert Sedlmayer

Albert Sedlmayer was born in War-ravaged Germany in 1946. At age six his family moved to Australia and became Australian citizens. From 1962 he lived thirteen more cold-war years back in Germany where he trained as cabinetmaker and architectural draughtsman, designing houses. In 1975 he and his German wife moved to New Zealand and started their adoptive family. He began boatbuilding, founded a successful yacht design business and pioneered marine…
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