Mark Eyles

I am a retired Primary School Teacher and Principal. Whilst I began teaching in 1972 in the New South Wales government system, the majority of my teaching and my school Principalships have been with the ACT Department of Education. I was a Principal for nineteen years and previously a curriculum consultant in social science with the department. Currently I work ‘very’ part-time as the Executive Officer of the ACT Principals…
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Warwick O’Neill

I have always had an interest in all things history related, with Australian history in particular and Australian military history specifically. It may be an obsession, but that’s for the health professionals to determine. I’ve always enjoyed studying historical events that have led to us becoming the people we are today, those events have set the compass for our collective values and beliefs. The Eureka Stockade is one of these…
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Jean Lopez

I grew up on a wheat farm in North Western Victoria. Each day I walked three miles to school and three miles home. On my way I told myself stories about fairies, bush sprites, once I rescued a kangaroo from a burning bush and there were lots of ghost stories, too. This, not doubt, is where my adventures in writing began. My brother was five years younger than me, so…
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