Andrew Maher

Robert Andrew Mayher. The author. One really fun attraction in Taiwan is the night market, especially for the stinky tofu. It’s strong, but even that putrid smell can’t hit all of my senses. It’s in the middle of nature that everything inside me clicks on. The sounds of a waterfall plummeting in the river. The smells of nectar, saps, and soil. The feel of the water submerging my body in…
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Anton Schulz

Anton Schulz was born in 1979. He has been a voracious reader since childhood. As he grew, he was absorbed by adventure stories, history and detective books, and science fiction – especially time travel. Anton believes that time travel offers an infinite array of options, and is specifically interested in travelling to the past. In that manner, a confrontation between man of modern times with all his knowledge of the…
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Tabita Gutu

My love of writing developed at a young age.  As a school-age teen, I adored the feeling of freedom that writing gifted me and enjoyed the challenge of projects as an opportunity to write more and more.  At sixteen I started to write my very first book, and to this day, I have kept every page written, even thoughts and feelings were entered into my journal. I left my home…
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Gigi Sedlmayer

When I started writing Talon, I knew it had to be set in Peru, as only can you find the majestic condors. I sat in the library for three full days, studying everything about the Indians, their culture and about the condors and their habits. At that time, there was not much available in Internet. Now, anything is easy to find. I wanted to write a story about a handicapped…
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