Izaz Khan

Izaz Khan | Payback

Izaz was born in a small sugar town called Ba on the main island of Fiji.  He attended Catholic primary and secondary schools in Ba before going to Charters Towers in North Queensland to finish his secondary education at Mt Carmel College, a Christian Brothers school. He matriculated to the University of Queensland where he graduated with a BA degree in 1967. Izaz then returned to Fiji and taught at a number of high schools. While there, he married and…
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Brad Simons

Brad Simons | A Birthday Present from Another Dimension

Hi, my name is Brad Simons. I am a sci-fi fan and love a good sci-fi book or movie. Well, more movies than books. My favourite movie is The Matrix, my favourite book is Ender’s Game, and my new favourite book is now  A Birthday Present from Another Dimension. I am Australian but at the time of writing and publishing this book I am living in China and teaching English to primary school children. I will be moving…
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Carl Lakeland

Carl L|akeland | Author of Eagle Shield and Project Amber

Carl Lakeland lives on a property with his wife in the sleepy town of Snake Valley, 36 kilometres south west of Ballarat in Australia. Lakeland grew up during the early seventies, western suburbs of Sydney. Having enlisted into the military at the age of seventeen, he draws on his experience to create powerful and engaging speculative fiction. Lakeland spent most of his life undiagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Using this gift,…
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Kellie M Davies

Born and raised in Australia, Kellie has lived all over Sydney but now calls ‘the Hills’ her home. During school, her strengths lay in Visual Arts and English, which she followed up with a Bachelor of Education. In June of 2009, a protagonist came knocking and stayed with Kellie through the birth and up-bringing of both her children. Not to be ignored, Lucy DeBane made a lasting impression and willed…
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Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts | Whispers Among the Prairie

Michelle’s interest and passion for the American West started when she saw the movie Dances with Wolves. It prompted her to read as much as she could on this era and on Native American Indians. This led her, in time, to travel to some amazing historical sites and national parks in North America, such as the Battle of the Little Bighorn memorial site, the sacred Black Hills in South Dakota,…
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Anton Schulz

Anton Schulz was born in 1979. He has been a voracious reader since childhood. As he grew, he was absorbed by adventure stories, history and detective books, and science fiction – especially time travel. Anton believes that time travel offers an infinite array of options, and is specifically interested in travelling to the past. In that manner, a confrontation between man of modern times with all his knowledge of the…
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Tabita Gutu

My love of writing developed at a young age.  As a school-age teen, I adored the feeling of freedom that writing gifted me and enjoyed the challenge of projects as an opportunity to write more and more.  At sixteen I started to write my very first book, and to this day, I have kept every page written, even thoughts and feelings were entered into my journal. I left my home…
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Gigi Sedlmayer

When I started writing Talon, I knew it had to be set in Peru, as only can you find the majestic condors. I sat in the library for three full days, studying everything about the Indians, their culture and about the condors and their habits. At that time, there was not much available in Internet. Now, anything is easy to find. I wanted to write a story about a handicapped…
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