Lachlan Hughson

Lachlan Hughson | Walkabout to Wisdom

Lachlan Hughson, the son of a mining engineer and school teacher, was born in Broken Hill and spent his childhood moving from one mining town to another across the vastness of the Australian continent. It was the experiences and philosophy gleaned from his childhood walkabout, and an unexpected career change twenty years later, which facilitated the writing of his first book Walkabout to Wisdom. Growing up in remote mining towns…
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Michael Robertson B.A. M.A.

Michael Robertson | Born into Evil

Born into a dysfunctional family, and left school at fifteen before returning more than a decade later. Completed the HSC, and two degrees, making me a part of less than 1% of former state wards to complete even one degree. B.A. is in History & Politics and used the skills gained from this degree to research my own childhood, by obtaining as much information as I could from the Department…
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