Michael Robertson

David and I were born on Wednesday the 25th of June 1975, at Gosford Hospital in New South Wales Australia. Unfortunately, we were born to Kristine and Karl Robertson, who were both aged 25 years at the time, and they owned a small second-hand book and record store in Gosford. Kristine and Karl already had a daughter named Klara who was born only just over 11 months prior. 

Andrew Maher

Robert Andrew Mayher. The author. One really fun attraction in Taiwan is the night market, especially for the stinky tofu. It’s strong, but even that putrid smell can’t hit all of my senses. It’s in the middle of nature that everything inside me clicks on. The sounds of a waterfall plummeting in the river. The smells of nectar, saps, and soil. The feel of the water submerging my body in…
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