Cheryl (Chez) Rafter

Chez Rafter was born in Sydney, Australia. At the tiny age of two, Chez contracted whooping cough and polio, and lived the majority of her childhood in Camperdown Children’s Hospital in Sydney. While confined to bed, she would look up at the clouds and imagine travelling to faraway places. When Chez was old enough to read books, they led her on a different pilgrimage, with classics like Alice in Wonderland…
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Brad Simons

Brad Simons | A Birthday Present from Another Dimension

Hi, my name is Brad Simons. I am a sci-fi fan and love a good sci-fi book or movie. Well, more movies than books. My favourite movie is The Matrix, my favourite book is Ender’s Game, and my new favourite book is now  A Birthday Present from Another Dimension. I am Australian but at the time of writing and publishing this book I am living in China and teaching English to primary school children. I will be moving…
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Rosalind Dale

Rosalind Dale | Bunty's Adventures In Berrima

Author Rosalind Dale has lived in the Southern Highlands most of her life and has a strong connection to the region and its past. She credits a “fabulous history teacher at her school” for instilling a love of history in her that led to her book: Bunty Bailey’s Adventures in Berrima. Ros was born and raised in Sydney’s Hills District and first came to the Southern Highlands as a young teenager on holidays….
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Linda Lycett

Linda is enjoying her new role of children’s books author. She is co-authoring with Helen Porteous on a series of books, starting with Fairy Folk and Other Strange Little Creatures. Linda is founder of Aurora House and thoroughly enjoys working with other authors as well as being creative on the authoring side as well. She lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW and loves reading and her crafts of spinning…
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Helen Porteous

Helen Porteos lives in the Mallee region of Northern Victoria and has always been interested in reading, writing, drawing and having adventures of the magical kind. Many thanks to the Mallee Artists Swan Hill for supporting the fun side of creating cute and curious creatures. Other published books are Sandy the Flipper Dragon – RoseDog Books, and MARA -Balboa Press. click on image for more info about Fairy Folk Helen…
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Gigi Sedlmayer

When I started writing Talon, I knew it had to be set in Peru, as only can you find the majestic condors. I sat in the library for three full days, studying everything about the Indians, their culture and about the condors and their habits. At that time, there was not much available in Internet. Now, anything is easy to find. I wanted to write a story about a handicapped…
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Marion Brownlie

Marion grew up in New Zealand and began her life experiences with a difficult childhood, marred by dyslexia and an even more difficult marriage, which nearly drove her to suicide. During this time, she had a life-changing spiritual experience. The experience was the catalyst in rebuilding her life and the way she viewed life and the world around her. She also discovered she had the ability to heal people. Through…
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